Design Development

We at Performance Building Systems, LLC believe in specificity and individuality. Each set of plans is designed with the customer’s direct input. We do not believe in “cookie cutter” design. You and our Designer will design your home or structure together. Between your specific desires and our knowledge of creating beautiful and usable space within domes, open ended domes and barrel vaults, you will have a set of plans that you are proud of and that is imbedded with your fingerprints. You will find yourself enjoying the challenge and excitement of creating your spaces. As the plans are sent back and forth during the design phase, Performance Building Systems, LLC personnel will be examining the plans as the process proceeds and providing input and expertise related to earth sheltered living. When the plans are complete and you are satisfied with the layout, they are engineered to your site. This requires a soils sample so that our engineers can engineer the shell, slab and footers to your floor plan and soil conditions. Each set of plans is engineered and stamped for your state. This allows you to more successfully navigate building departments and Home Owners Associations.

As a relational company, we love to walk you through the design process. This is new for most customers. However, we will guide you in the process. We have started the design bidding and process with a simple sketch on a napkin. Once we have determined the size of the structure(s), tunnels and any auxiliary buildings (ie garages) we will get you a bid for the engineered plans. With one half of the payment received, you and our Designer begin the process. When the floor plan and engineering are complete, we ask for the second half of the payment. With payment received, we send you four hard copies of your plans as well as the electronic copy so that you can make any additional hard copies that you may need. Here is how to start designing plans:

  • Determine the size of domes, tunnels and auxiliary buildings you may want or need.
  • Put together a rough sketch of the floor plan.
  • Send the information to Performance Building Systems, LLC
  • PBS, LLC will refine the information with you and get you a bid for the engineered plans.
  • With one half of the payment received you and the PBS,LLC designer start putting together your floor plan.
  • Acquire a soil sample from your property and send it to PBS, LLC
  • Plans are engineered and stamped for your state.
  • Send final payment and we send you 4 hard copies and the electronic copy.

When you are ready you can then order your structural system. We ask for one half of the total system cost quoted to you by PBS, LLC. Your system will then be fabricated. When fabrication of your system is complete, we will ask for the second half of the payment plus shipping cost. We then order your rebar somewhere close to your construction site. This allows us to use our buying power to purchase rebar at a lower cost and either reduce your shipping cost or potentially eliminate it.

When you start your construction, we will remain available via email and phone for any questions we can answer. With the purchase of a structural system from us, we will provide one on-site inspection visit (within the United States) prior to shotcreting the structure. This allows you to know the system has been assembled property and that you can shotcrete with confidence. This visit is to be coordinated between you and PBS, LLC.
On a personal note, PBS,LLC is a very relational company. We tend to develop relationships with our customers and their contractors. We truly want to walk you through the process of achieving your dream of earth sheltered living. We want you to succeed not merely desire to make a sale we want you to become a part of our earth sheltered family. We try to never overstate the benefits of our structures but long to give you honest and helpful feedback as you work through the process. We are always working to improve our systems and processes. We are excited about the chance to work you and your family.

David Skinner, President—Performance Building Systems, LLC

General Notes

  1. These models and plans take into account any adjustments needed to be compatible with the shell’s structural systems or the International Building Code. Any adjustments required are discussed with the customer prior to completion to incorporate the customer’s preferences.
  2. All engineered plan sets sets include floor plans, front elevations, foundation plans, upper level framing plans when required, stair details when required, sections through the structure, steel framing plans, roof framing when required, and structural details. These drawings cover everything except the interior finish and detailing, plumbing schematics, electrical schematics, and mechanical schematics. Due to individual preferences and local product availability, plans do not include cabinet detailing, room finish schedules, or detailed material schedules. These later items have not been required for construction drawing approval, but are needed for formal costing and appraisal.
  3. Structural Only and Full Construction drawing require certification by Performance Building Systems, LLC registered professional engineer. If additional fees are required, Performance Building Systems, LLC will notify the customer before development is begun on the structural drawings.
  4. Some states require a local engineer’s certification and review in addition to that of Performance Building Systems, LLC registered engineer.
  5. One-half of the total cost of any custom set of plans and engineering is due with the plan order. The balance is due upon completion of the plans before they are shipped. All custom plans include four complete sets of plans.
  6. Wood framed or earth sheltered entry options are available. Performance Building Systems, LLC recommends the use of earth sheltered options to improve performance and simplify construction. Let us know your preference. Performance Building Systems, LLC will assist with your design and recommend style and size of entries, atriums and tunnels for your project.
  7. Prices for engineered plans include 4 printed sets as well as the electronic copy