Floor Plans

Floor plans shown are just a few of the possibilities.

40  x 38 OE w atrium 12  x 12 Connector  S 24 x 30 OE  Pearcey 2 for web

40  x 38 OE w atrium 12  x 12 Connector  S 24 x 30 OE  Pearcey 2

Example of a 40′ x 38′ Open End

Total Area = 2561 Sq. Ft. (excluding sunroom and garage) > This is the floor plan of the Durango model home.

Durango model home (Large)

Example of a 40′ x 32′ Open End

Total Area = 1809 Sq. Ft.


Example of a 50′ x 31′ Open End

Total Area = 2490 Sq. Ft.

50x31 floor plan

Total Area = 2034 Sq. Ft.


Ordering Plans

The minimum requirement for all kit orders is that they be preceded by at least a set of structural drawings which have been engineered, drawn and approved by Performance Building Systems, LLC thin-shell structural specialists.

A registered engineer reviews all of our plans. Our plans, instructions and helpful advice are based on 32 years experience and our thorough knowledge of structural engineering. We will help with your custom floor plan or design through our professional engineering and drafting.

Please contact Contact David Skinner, by Phone 800-247-0090, Cell 512-963-6865 or email (earth@earthshelter.com ), with any questions or to order.

Plans and Pricing

Each set of plans is bid individually taking into account complexity, location and engineering. When you are ready to start the planning process, you will be given a bid that will allow you to design your floor plan with our designer and have your plans engineered and stamped for your state. A soil sample will be required during this process in order to engineer the structure properly.

All plan sets are reviewed and certified by a professional engineer.