Affordable Home Remodel: How to Find Great Deals without Giving Up Design

Posted by on December 8, 2015

At Modernize, we believe that a stylish and affordable home upgrade that you and your  family will love can be low cost and high impact. So when you are searching for great deals that won’t sacrifice getting the look that you really want, focus on enhancing rather than just replacing. Enhancements can cost a lot less and give your home’s style longevity, not to mention the added benefit of making it customizable.

So whether you are updating your old shag carpets or clunky and outdated lamps, adding a new slipcover to the couch, or adding a fresh coat of paint, know that these changes are small but mighty and can save you some serious money in the long run.

In the Kitchen

For those of us on a budget, upgrading a kitchen heavily influenced by sixties style and design isn’t all viking stove ranges and custom hoodvents (although we’d gladly take them), but instead requires a bit more creativity and savvy thinking to get the most for your money. Since kitchens are an important gathering place in just about every home, the upgrades you make there kitchen won’t go unnoticed, unappreciated, or unused for that matter.

A great place to start when updating your kitchen is right under your nose—er, feet. Sometimes a simple shining or buffing up of your existing floors is all you need to revamp the space. If they are in good condition, don’t change your retro floors. They can be a great design element to play off of by upgrading the space around it to create contrast. However, if you are looking for a new upgrade, laying down new tiles can make a big impact by giving your kitchen character without being too costly.

Paint your top or bottom (or both!) cabinets a neutral and subdued color that will complement other features of your kitchen. Experiment with a monochromatic palette by doing the top and bottom cabinets different shades of a similar color. To really make things stand out (literally) and escape the clutches of some old and ugly cabinet doors, have them removed and fill them with your most beautiful dishware and give your kitchen an open and airy feel.

And for another affordable yet stylish kitchen focal piece, replace worn out countertops with new materials like a butcher block, whose wooden surface warms up your space while also being a practical asset. If you’re into a modern look, poured concrete countertops can be as cheap as $10/square foot and give you a sleek, sophisticated style without costing a fortune. Both of these options make a bold enough statement while also being neutral enough to pull even the most dated aspects of your kitchen together for a new and refreshed look.

The Living Room

Paint can go a long way in home upgrades, not only when you use it to freshen up the look and feel of your walls but when you use it in somewhat unexpected places, too (not to mention replace some seriously faded wallpaper). If you have a classic brick fireplace that needs an update, use white paint with a matte finish to give it a modern aesthetic.

Finding a great deal for redesigning your living spaces can be as simple as replacing some of the wall art. Rearrange things like family portraits that you prefer to keep but find some new décor to adorn your walls with instead. Not an art connoisseur? Don’t worry, there are plenty of thrifty alternatives to use. Take, for instance, this great idea by Finnish designer Kaisa Palomåki, who framed a piece of beautiful pinecone wrapping paper she loved for a festive and simple design piece. You can also find great and inexpensive pieces to dress up a blank wall with on or try making some wall art yourself!