Introducing Simple Pump Company



Performance Building Systems, LLC is proud to now be an authorized dealer for Simple Pump Company.

Simple Pump is an amazing product that works quite harmoniously with the desired efficiency and safety of our earth sheltered homes.

The revolutionary design allows one to install this hand pump alongside an existing submersible.  When there is a rural electric outage or other grid interruption, this pump becomes a lifesaver.  It requires only one-quarter of the effort to pump water with the Simple Pump and it can access water from as far down as a water level of 325 feet. (And not only “can”… it requires only moderate effort to pump from this level. No other hand pump comes close.)

It is also designed to pump into your pressure tank allowing you to use your existing plumbing and fixtures.  There are also options for motorization through solar or other electric sources.  The solar package includes the pump, motor, control systems and solar power unit.

The Simple Pump is also quite easy to install alongside your existing pump and we will happily advise you regarding its installation.  If you choose to have a professional well service install it, an hour or two should suffice.

In our business, we talk with many folks that are looking for high efficiency, adequate backups or the ability to go off-grid.  This pump provides the solution for each of these applications.  The Simple Pump works well as a backup and is less expensive than other similar products.

Don’t hesitate to call with questions or to get a quote for your specific well.  We would love to speak with you about the Simple Pump.

David Skinner
Performance Building Systems, LLC