I am more satisfied with the results from the Performance Building Systems, Inc. homes than anything I have ever built.  The home fully lives up to design expectations.  Future sales, favorable comments and unlimited leads are the results of our building a Performance Building Systems, Inc. model home.    I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Wayne Ward, Lake Havasu City, AZ. Builder / Developer

It (the house) has been occupied for six months and energy bills are 65-75% below those of above-grade houses.

Popular Science

We lived in the home for one year with no heating or cooling…my wife is claustrophobic but has never felt closed in in our Performance Building Systems, Inc. home… The kit went together exactly as it was supposed to and we received the company support promised us byPerformance Building Systems, Inc. I would never live in a different type of home.

Keith Beebe, Mesa, AZ. Do-it yourself builder

The key characteristic of an earth sheltered house from an energy standpoint is that the house itselt is the energy system. Windows are the collectors, roof, walls, and floor are the storage; and earth is the protector and moderator. Little can go wrong in the functioning of such a simple system.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: excerpt from a report prepared for the US Dept. of Energy